10 Reasons to invest in land in Colorado

10 Reasons why you’ll never regret buying land in Colorado

April 1st, 2023

Let’s face it, it’s a weird time to invest right now. Inflation is through the roof, crypto just fell off the map, and interest rates just keep climbing higher. In Texas, building for houses outstripped demand and prices are crashing through the floor. The stock market is an absolute roller coaster. As Will Rogers said, “Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait.” But we all need reasons, and who doesn’t like a list? Here’s 10 reasons why you should buy land, specifically in Colorado.

  1. Mountains take ahold of your soul and never let go. Come what may, there will always be mountains in Colorado and and those views are going nowhere.
  2. Land prices in Colorado are up 300% in the last 15 years. They have never, ever dropped. Population in Colorado continues to expand south, from Denver to Colorado Springs to Pueblo.
  3. Low carrying costs. Property taxes in Colorado, especially southern Colorado, are extremely low. 5 acres costs between $20 and $85 a year in Costilla County, Colorado. This means you can do what’s called “Land Banking,” which is utilizing raw land as a bank account to protect against inflation, without the extreme property taxes that a lot of people deal with in other areas of the country.
  4. Hunting and fishing means even the most rural areas have a huge draw. Elk, bighorn sheep, whitetail, and all the trout in the world abound throughout Colorado.
  5. Investment potential. You can rent out your land to campers year round! Hipcamp.com, Airbnb, Fatherly.com are all great options for you to make money off your land immediately! If you develop your land with power, septic, or water you can reach the RV community and expand revenue immediately! Hipcamp in southern CO goes for $40 a day. Many people have entire website devoted to renting out there land and more than make up for any property taxes
  6. Development. With the advent of modular homes, the ability to develop a property is better than ever! However, in Colorado, keep in mind local county regulations. Every county in Colorado requires that you install septic in order to reside long term. A typical septic tank will run you between $8,000 and $10,000 to install with permitting (depending on county). Make sure you account for that in your building costs.
  7.  Access. Most counties in Colorado require that all parcels have road access! Nothing is worse than not being able to access land you own. So ensure you have good access and check those back taxes to make sure there’s no liens against your property.
  8. Future. The future is Colorado. A weird blend of red and blue state with a backdrop of stunning mountains and gorgeous rivers, this state is desirable to EVERYONE. You can’t lose money investing in land in Colorado, especially with the great exodus from other western states.
  9. Water. If you take the time to put in a well, or connect to city/county water, you’ll triple the value of of your land.
  10. It’s fun. It’s yours! Freedom is in your hands to do what you will with the Rockies towering over you.

Don’t wait to buy that land. Buy it, then wait. Secure some future for your kids and grandkids, or develop your mountain cabin, or hunt and fish your heart out. You can’t lose money on land in Colorado, and the views and feelings can’t be beat.

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